Saturday, 13 October 2018

New Thunkable Public Gallery & Thunkable PRO

Thunkable Launched Thunkable Gallery and Thunkable Pro . 

The Thunkable Gallery is a public collection of projects, where anyone can view, download and Edit Aia  built on Thunkable ✕.

What does this mean for you?
When you build apps on Thunkable ✕, they will be public by default and visible in the Thunkable Gallery. So, Thunkable is also introducing Thunkable Pro for private Project.

Thunkable PRO

With Thunkable PRO, you have the ability to create both public and private projects. Thunkable Pro Price is 20$ per month. According to Users , Price is High. Thunkable said we will improve and add lot's of componet in our Thunkable X platform . For More Information watch this Video.

Here let's Check Some Comments Regarding Thunkable Pro.
Mr. Hitesh told about New Thunkable Pro 👇

First of all , i really appreciate the efforts put by Thunkable platform to provide such a good platform to develop apps.
I came to know about the about the upcoming Thunkable pro paid program. im from the initital days when thunkable was started. i would like to give my feedback for upcoming pro platform.
Its not a good idea to introduce paid things on such platforms. Thunkable is already earning from 5% commission of each app developed on their platform from day 1 . Thousands of developers are there on thunkable and multiple thousands apps are there. so i hope thunkable must be from there.
Most of the developers are students so they wont be able to pay $100 an year. mostly from India.
The other developing platforms are free of cost ( they dont even take commission ) so after releasing the pro version , developers will move to other platforms .
I would suggest to keep it free of cost as well … Doesnt matters if you take commission or not.
Thanks for the understanding and never mind for any misunderstandings.

Here he said clearly Keep it Free..!

watch our video for more information & check thunkable community also.

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